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Lumecube: Proudly known as the World's Most Versatile Light, Lumecube represents the future of LED lighting.

Lighting for Cameras, Drones, Smartphones, GoPros, Video Conferencing/Blogging and tons of Accessories.


Platypod: The world's most compact tripods.  

1. Compact:  fits in bag or purse

2.  Strong: holds heavy DSLRs and full size video cameras

3.  Stable: as solid as the surface you put it on

4.  Two sizes (Ultra and Max) to fit all types of cameras

Skylum Software-Luminar 4

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Luminar 4 is for every photographer. It offers a complete toolset to edit and enhance images. It unlocks hidden details and unleashes creativity. Photographers can use Luminar as a standalone application, a plugin, or an external editor. Every photographer can benefit from its innovative tools. With easy-to-learn controls and rich features, Luminar benefits every workflow.

1. Workflow tailored to any style with support for using as a standalone application or as a plug-in to popular host applications.

2. AI Accent – the world’s most intelligent photo enhancer. Over 60 powerful one-click Luminar Looks to quickly enhance your images or adjust to taste.

3. Beautiful edits, 100% nondestructive that are automatically saved to your catalog.

4. The Library panel in Luminar places images front and center. A minimalist interface removes clutter and distractions making it easier to browse and enjoy photos.

5. With the Library panel, it’s easier than ever to organize, browse, rate, and group your photos. 6. Layers, brushes, and masking provide the ultimate in selective editing.

7. Apply Lookup Table (LUT) files for creative color grading and film stock emulation.

8. Customizable brushes plus a selective masking system to allow for precise control.

9. A History panel to track which adjustments have been made to an image as well as quickly perform multiple undos.

10. RAW, JPEG, TIFF and other popular files support for the greatest flexibility.

11. Batch processing of photos to quickly improve multiple images.

With Luminar 4, your photos are the center of attention. The beautiful interface offers a sleek canvas to enjoy and edit all your images without distractions. Automatically group your photos by year, month, and even day. Easily navigate between images and know that the perfect shot you’re looking for is always at hand.

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